"What's Your Idea of a Man?"


‘The Idea of a Man project’ is birthed out of the pain of – ‘imposed definitions’!, Birthed out of the question; ‘Am I man enough?’, surficial, - cookie cutter, - One size fits all answers aren't going to help. The Key Question is 'What's Your Idea of a Man? - It's Time to come to your own conclusions... It's can be dangerous coming to your own conclusions! - Not many people are encouraging you to 'Come to your own Conclusions!!'


Let's explore the area of life partnership. Marriages - lovers - girl and boy friends. We’ll explore common issues experienced by us all. The need to re-ignite passion, because love is never going to work as a simply intellectual exercise. We’ll get into the imperative area of relational communication and ultimately being that guy; the kind of lover you want to be.


What Is a friend – to a man? Is it possible there are differences between male and female friendship? And what is it men want out of a friendship? Where are the individuals who accept and respect us for who we are – people who give a damn – and respects healthy boundaries. We’ll explore differentiating between friends and associates, and the concept of circles to identify who should be in your inner circle, and eliminate toxic relationships and change your friends.


let’s switch gears and tackle Practical Spirituality. The question here is, - Whatever your take, what’s the take home? So we’ll look at; Mindfulness; how do we become conscious of unconscious processes, become self-aware, and mine hidden treasure of our sub-conscious. Hack our behaviour and develop fully actualised versions of us. How do you Find Meaning? or cope with Bereavement, and your own Fallibility. Is midlife crisis’s compulsory? Or is it a reaction to not living an integrated/authentic existence.