"What's Your Idea of a Man?"


 Today I'm encouraging you to find your passion and purpose and to move in the direction of the thing you

Today were talking about how to reignite the passion in your intimate relationships, by taking responsibility for igniting your own

 Today I encourage you to start now thinking practically about what you want to do for the future, so that

 Season 6 Episode 1 we start off June to talk about relationships. Having done the work of self-discovery, and attended

  We need to be clear; about 'Where We Fit' in intimate relationships. Trying to fit a Square peg in a

 Do you have a dream, or defined vision for your life, start loving Monday's as the first day of the

Today we take back the reins, and put ourselves in the driving seat of our financial situation as Omar discusses,

 Resurrecting Wake Up Monday’s Omar wades in with a Motivational Discourse exhorting us to live with Passion driven purpose Vs

Todays Podcast is all about overcoming the limitations of our mind. The glass ceiling it seams impossible to break. Perhaps

 Today we explore the debilitating area of debt, its inevitability and fact that we don’t have to think our failures

 Introducing season 5 of The Idea of a Man Podcast Omar talks about getting a handle on your financial situation.

 In this podcast Omar talks about the need to strike a balance when your striving to get ahead in business,

 Today I'm talking about the need to have a side hustle, to begin the process of mastering your craft and

 There are some fundamental mindsets that can help us in our approach to our work and business so that we

 Now it's time to take care of Business; In this podcast I lay the foundations of our mind with key

   As we continue our journey, I am encouraging you like Simon Sinek, to start with Why? in your Work, Love

'All work and no play makes jack a dull boy' the saying goes, learning to balance the things we spend;

   In this podcast, I really get into the matter of coping with work pressure and encourage you to ask yourself;

 We are up to the 3rd Month/Season of our Journey at THE IDEA OF A MAN.Com. In Month 1 we

   In asking and answering the question's Who Am I?, and Where Do I Fit?, We are ultimately looking to build

   The biggest obstacle to living your purpose can be people you hang with.  In this episode we'll discuss circles; how

  We need to be clear; about 'Where We Fit' in intimate relationships. Trying to fit a Square peg in a

   In January we began a journey of Self-Discovery, with the question (WHO AM I?) In February were asking; Where then

  Now we've done Finding Ourselves (Episode 1), declaring the Newly Discovered Us (Episode 2) and established our Values (Episode 3).

  Now that we have gone on the journey to Find Ourselves, answered for ourselves our central question; Who Am I?

 Having gone on the Journey of Self-Discovery in Week 1, where I spoke about Finding Yourself. It's time now to

 In this first podcast of 2021 I'm encouraging you to start your journey of 'self-discovery'. Do the inventory, assess your

My name is Omar Zac Phillips and this is my blog theideaofaman.com.   I created this blog because I have three main