"What's Your Idea of a Man?"

My name is Omar Zac Phillips and this is my blog theideaofaman.com

I created this blog because I have three main passions; literature, men’s work and psychology.

First and foremost, I’m a writer. I define myself as a writer to convey the type of artist I am.

Writing is the predominant way in which I express myself creatively. And as a result I enjoy great writing and love to write myself.

I am unsure where my specific passion for men’s work comes from, but I guess it’s always been there in varying degrees, fuelled by different emotions, thoughts, drops of inspiration and my ongoing lived experience.

I recognise that the journey we’re all on as human beings has complexity to it.

I’m fascinated by the journey and am a student of the process and of humanity, which is why I am currently studying psychology and counselling. And read and explore my fascination with this area constantly.

I am particularly interested in the journeys of men, and the complexity of the issues that come up around our experiences, our psychology and the literature that has been dispersed in this arena.

My blog wades in to contribute to this maelstrom by addressing the issue of identity.

The question I’m asking you is; ‘What on earth is your idea of a Man?’ The answer is as personal as the individual and requires the time and attention of a serious question.

One size fits all stock answers no longer cut the custard in the arena of male identity.

The idea is by no means to promote any particular flavour of masculinity, but to promote authenticity. To encourage individual men to go on their own journeys of self-discovery to answer for themselves who are they and what do they want.

My journal is vignettes of my own personal experience some relatable, some as unique as me and my personal experience of being a man.

The project is a 12 step process divided into three quarters, ‘Self- Discovery’, ‘Business and Finance’, ‘Relationships and Family’, ‘Spirit, Soul and Body’.

And the resources section is a compilation of useful resources, links, reviews and inspiration to fuel and help along the way.

My blog is packed with my video’s, podcasts and writing and articles.

I hope you enjoy it and that we get to know each other more on this journey. Feel free to reach out to me by e-mail, or through social media, or book me to speak, or pay me to write or invite me to contribute to your work, if it’s a fit then let’s build ‘win wins’ to achieve our joint objectives.