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Greece – The Land of The Gods and of Men: It’s Time For Your Break Get Away!

When was the last time you took a vocation or a long family break? I know that things have been upside down – “no kidding I hear you say.” Research shows that stress can cause all manner of illness and upset in our lives as men and self care is the one thing we don’t do as men. We’re so busy taking care of others that we don’t stop and listen to our own needs.

So in this week article what better way to take a break than a family vocation. A family vocation can be expensive depending on the amount of people in your family. Take out some time to visit my finance section of the idea of  a man for some useful tips on how you can begin to repair your finances if you’re struggling in this department.

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A family vocation doesn’t have to be dauting or overwhelming. It can be a long-term goal that you set for your family and something you and your wife can work together in achieving.  My moto is start small and work our way up. But to inspire the dreaming – I’ve put together some great places to visit in Greece. This is one of my family goals, “So why don’t you come and dream with me?”

A Tourist Destination

Not less than 16 million tourists in 2004 alone visit Greece because of its antiquity and its long and rich history. Its glorious beaches and Mediterranean coastline are among the top attractions the country provides. Athens, the capital city of Greece, is one of the most visited cities in Greece.

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Greece was considered as China and Austria’s number one choice of tourist destination.

The popular cities of Greece include Athens (Attica) and the capital of Greece; Santorini, Cyclades,a nd Fira (Oia) that sits on the edge of a cliff; Mykonos, Hora, and Cyclades that are popular islands packed with clubs and bars; Rhodes that is popular for its Colossus of Rhodes, included in the Seven Wonders of the World; and Heraklion, the capital of Crete.

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Since the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, infrastructures have greatly improved. Hotels and different kinds of accommodations have been put up to cater tourists and the locales.

Those who prefer spas and thermal springs will benefit from the 752 therapeutic thermo-metallic springs as approved by the National Institute for Geographical and Mineral Research.

From the hundreds of interesting vacation hot spots in Greece, one will have difficulty I choosing where they want to make base and visit. And so, to make deciding a lot easier, here are the following places a newbie in Greece should visit.

 Cape Sounio

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Choose between a car or a bus to take you up the beautiful road which leads to Cape Sounio. See beaches and enjoy the shade of olive trees. Exclusivity and intimacy is the atmosphere in Cape Aounio because you will rarely come across other tourists in the area. Athenians enjoy Cape Sounio making it one of their favourite weekend escapades.


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Crete citizens are quite a traditional bunch. Authenticity is guaranteed in Crete. Their cuisine is quite rare, considering that their diet is naturally
rich in polyols and they eat snails. Their cooking and the fact that their diet has immunized them against cardiovascular diseases amazed American researchers.

Cretans are extremely hospitable persons and this is reason enough to spend time in Crete. Do not miss to visit Heraklion, Crete’s main town.


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A very beautiful island nearby Turkey, one will surely be amazed in the remarkable scenery Rhodes provide. A 7-hour boat ride from Athens takes you to Rhodes and its world famous architectural buildings and sites.



If you want to see majestic mountains, then Meteora is the place to be. It is located in the centre of Greece and is inhabited by monks. You will be amazed by how these monks live. Food is sent to them through a basket on a rope to their monasteries that are perched on top of these bizarre-looking mountains.


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Take a little boat to Egina, a small island located opposite of Athens. This island is not often visited thereby; you avoid the fuss and crowds of tourists.
Rent a papaki (scooter) and discover the magnificent island.


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It is with no doubt that Mykonos is one of the most admired islands among the tourists. Its narrow streets are unforgettable. Transporting throughout the streets with a donkey is an absolute must try! The festivals during summer season are famous for its hive of activity.


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Located in close proximity to Rethymnon in Crete, Chania offers a picturesque old town and a superb Venetian port. A visit will surely charm the guests.

Some times life can be so over whelming for us as men and we don’t take out the time to do some self-care for us. Taking a break is not a sign of weakness is a sign that you’re being aware of your needs as a man, which is a sign of maturity and growth. A vacation in Greece will uplift your spirits. So go, entice your senses in Greece!

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