"What's Your Idea of a Man?"

IAM Whole – IAM Perfect – IAM Strong – IAM Powerful IAM Rich – IAM Harmonious – IAM Loving – IAM Happy



In the title I am giving you the gift of my favourite mantra, I have been meditating on this for some years now. Let me share with you some thoughts that have become significant to me in the process.


Be advised the initial IAM’ in each statement acknowledges your divinity prior to stating the characteristic that follows.


The characteristic which follows each IAM’ requires meditation.




Whole; If IAM ‘Whole’, I am not broken. If I am whole, I am complete. If I am whole, then nothing is missing. If I’m whole, then I’m whole.




Perfect; It’s hard for us to consider ourselves ‘perfect’. To say I’m perfect in anything but a reflex response to; ‘are you okay?’, is to suggest a status ‘almost divine’. – Surely that’s the point though, this entire mantra is an identification with our higher consciousness. It’s a mantra to draw ‘spiritual power’ down into our daily reality to equip our daily lives. Therefore, IAM Perfect.




Like declaring; IAM strong, even the physically, mentally or emotionally strongest amongst us have moments when weakness makes itself uncomfortably felt. The strength we’re referring to then is something more intrinsic than our ‘physical’ state,

or experience. To say IAM Strong acknowledges, I’m not weak. These statements have a finality by their very nature which is why it’s so powerful to declare them.


Your stating with each statement things which when considered, are evidently true. Our strength for example, comes from a place deeper than our physically capacity. It’s the strength that comes from somewhere deep inside and sustains us through times of physical, mental or emotional weakness.




Powerful! – really? I don’t know about you but many times in my life I have felt quite the opposite. – But when truly considered in a moment of meditation, we recognise in fact we are anything but, powerless. We are not without resource, there are at least 10,000 solutions to every one problem. So to say I am powerful refuses the temptation to accept powerlessness and searches the soul for resourcefulness and answers, for the power within to overcome the obstacles life is presenting us. IAM Powerful.




IAM, Rich Sure! – nice idea, easy for you to say!”. But again, when you stop and consider, –  when you count your blessings, and identify the resources available to you. Indeed, you recognise that in fact you are rich. And remember resources can be leveraged against greater resources. Once recognition of what we have is established, we need to consider what do we want? then take it step by step to use what we have to get us to where we want to be. I am indeed rich!




Maybe you’ve never considered the need for internal harmony, It’s not often spoken about. However, there are many instruments in our internal orchestra which need to be in tune to the symphony of our lives if we’re not going to hit a duff note. So how can we be so sure that we are harmonious. First of all, like all the others we begin with the declaration; IAM Harmonious, stating these things is the first step in making them so. We recognise the truth in each statement, and consider in what ways we have allowed ourselves to come to alternative conclusions. Life constantly tries to convince us otherwise this is why It’s such a powerful thing to state these truths to your soul and declare them to the universe. To do so aligns you with deeper fundamental truth which trumps all other conclusions, brings harmony and attunes you to melodies operating at higher frequencies.




Isn’t love what it’s all about. As a man, sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes as a result we find ourselves accused of being anything but loving. This can be a really hard burden mentally and emotionally to bear. Shame is such a toxic emotion. Again what happens outside is often a reflection of what’s going on inside. Therefore, to repair the outside always start within. Declare it till you believe it and make it so. IAM Loving! Convince yourself, not in a deluded, un-self-aware kind of a way. But connect yourself with the deeper inevitable truth.


You are loving because the universe is loving. You are a part of the universe so draw on the higher principle till you’ve infused yourself with the love the universe has for you; let that love infuse every fibre of your being. Love yourself first, then you’ll be better placed to love others from a place of abundance. The place of abundant Love.




And now we come to it, the thing which all humanity is in search of, the desire simply to be happy. If we’re making impossible things ours, as we have been, then why not reach for happiness as well.


A word before we go any further; let’s consider from where can we reliably expect to draw these rich resources and make them ours.


First is the recognition that they are already ours. How? – Rasta’s often use an insightful term I and I. Another helpful consideration is that; ‘we are not bodies having a spiritual experience, we are spirits having a physical experience. If in fact we are spirit then, we are connected to the very essence of the universe. The universe is Spirit, and these attributes we have been declaring we are, are characteristics of the universe.


Therefore, IAM Happy is in fact your birth right.


If we identify ourselves with Spirit, – recognise that we are Spirit, then we understand that we are intrinsically all of these things. So start by declaring it regarding the Higher I then declare it for the I of you that you are more constantly familiar with. Then state it as though the two I’s’ were stating these statements it ‘in harmony’. Merge the two in your mind’s eye, integrate the idea’s. Fill your Soul, mind and emotions with this recognition and daily let your reality become more and more a reflection of this potent and empowering truth.

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Hi I'm Omar Zac Phillips and I’m a writer. My Blog; theideaofaman.com is where I journal my experiences as a man and share The Idea of a Man Project, a 12 step process of self-discovery.

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