"What's Your Idea of a Man?"

In January 2021 we began a journey of Self-Discovery, we began with asking the question (WHO AM I?) Now in February were going to ask; Where then do I Fit? We’ll cover four topics. This one is Where do I Fit in My Career – Establishing your purpose and finding meaningful work as a man is intrinsic to living a fulfilling life. Also giving your unique gift and leveraging your strengths and unique personality to live a life for you that has meaning to you is a big part of the solution THE IDEA OF A MAN is here to bring. Let’s eliminate the aimlessness that causes so much of the worrying statistics effecting so many of our lives.

What is My Personality?

What are My Unique Strengths?

What are My Values? 


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Hi I'm Omar Zac Phillips and I’m a writer. My Blog; theideaofaman.com is where I journal my experiences as a man and share The Idea of a Man Project, a 12 step process of self-discovery.

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