"What's Your Idea of a Man?"

One of the area’s we need to be clear about is Where We Fit when it comes to intimate relationships. Trying to fit a Square peg in a Round hole means having to shave off your edge. And as a Man – in fact as a Person your going to need an edge if your going to cut through the obstacles life has for you. If you’re going to stand out and be distinct amidst cookie cutter replications that bring nothing unique or remotely interesting to the table. Giving your unique gift depends on you living your edge (as David Deida puts it). We’ll cover this ground and loads more in this episode exploring where you fit with those nearest and dearest.

What is My Personality?

What are My Unique Strengths?

What are My Values?


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Hi I'm Omar Zac Phillips and I’m a writer. My Blog; theideaofaman.com is where I journal my experiences as a man and share The Idea of a Man Project, a 12 step process of self-discovery.

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