"What's Your Idea of a Man?"

Where do you fit? being a square peg seeking to fit into a round hole is nobody’s idea of fun.

It puts you in the very real danger of having your ‘edge’ shaven off, and you’re going to need an edge as a man.

David Deida encourages us to lean just beyond your edge, it is the place of challenge, growth and potential. Fearing to near our edge leaves us impotent to change. Stuck in habituated unconscious patterns, and stagnant.

So we have asked the questions; Where do I fit in terms of my career? – Where do I fit in the context of my relationships? – and Where do I fit in the context of the social circles in which I interact. Putting it all together now, we are essentially asking; How do I build a life for me, that has meaning to me?

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Hi I'm Omar Zac Phillips and I’m a writer. My Blog; theideaofaman.com is where I journal my experiences as a man and share The Idea of a Man Project, a 12 step process of self-discovery.

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