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By Omar Zac Phillips, Mar 31 2019 01:27PM

Grow up! That’s an interesting statement!! Growing up and waking up are critical stages in the human experience. But I read somewhere recently that growing up first is really important. – I can’t agree more. I woke up to some extent first. As in I had a spiritual experience when I was 18 years old which was an enlightening experience, the problem for me is that I wasn’t mature enough to appreciate the significance of what had happened to me and as a result I allowed myself to follow other people’s perceptions of spirituality.

‘Waking up’ ‘getting woke’ is heavy stuff people. And it takes a person who’s also ‘grown up’ to handle it.

Grownups handle their shit. Grownups don’t enthrone so called leaders, headship, dictators, pastors, self-proclaimed gurus, and mentors whatever to some undue exalted position in their lives.

I firmly believe immature men are looking for corporations, churches, gangs, armies, countries to lead them.

Growing up for me means a deep intrinsic awareness of my personal divinity, and a recognition that with Divinity comes Responsibility.

When I waffle like this please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying evangelise anyone to my way of thinking. Heck I’m passed that, life taught me the hard way; ‘when you think you know the answer, life changes the question.’ But I do wax philosophical on my thoughts and impressions. Please leave your comments and join the conversation, get your 2 pence in.

But divinity is a big thing for me. I remember a men’s bible study when I did the church thing and the pastor doing his utmost to take apart the verses that state that we as mortal humans are Gods. He was trying to say that to take these verses for what they clearly stated was false doctrine. Heck, yea you might actually get empowered and realise who you are. We are powerful entities people and when we take responsibility for the power in us and use it for good starting with ourselves the possibilities are off the chain.

By Omar Zac Phillips, Mar 31 2019 01:26PM

Hello Again; My 40th year is getting well under way in fact its August, Sorry for not writing, I am currently working on part 2 for ‘The Early Worm Catches the Bird’ soon to be launched. Also my website is about to get a major overhaul in fact I am paying my sweet, sweet wife good money for this upgrade. Her amazing website Rachael’s Academy to help you Launch, Run and Grow your business is a thriving concern and I was checking out her personal website and I was truly impressed with her design and creativity and I couldn’t help but ask her to re-work mine and so here we go.

The idea of a man is a critical website for me in my journey in fact as a writer I think it’s a good place to have a live ongoing journal of my thoughts and observations. I also am making it a place to chart my progress as I evolve into the dream version of myself.

I firmly believe we need not compare ourselves against others, but we should compare ourselves against our personal potential. Drawing inspiration from inspirational individuals is important however comparison is a destructive activity because it drains energy as opposed to generating energy. This is why those teenage girls comparing themselves against their favourite pop singers and models are setting themselves up for a fall. Invariably whole industries are created to thrive on this level of immaturity and ignorance. (I don’t mean to appear judgmental.) As I write you’ll get more understanding of my take on the words maturity and immaturity. I’ll rarely use them to cuss; it’s a stage along the journey.

Maturity I really believe is the ingredient lacking the most in the most critical function of the human experience – relationships – If you think with me that the purpose of life is relationship, I challenge you to come up with a more pertinent meaning to life!!

But what is lacking most in relationships often is maturity, and even if our relationships are relatively functional and we are quite refined disciplined individuals and we are communicating etc. It’s always going to be a deeper dimension of maturity in some area of our lives that will take our relationships to another level, (All relationships not just romantic), but as well romantic of course. But consider a dysfunctional relationship, and almost certainly an innocent bystander looking in will identify that if only the warring factions would grow up in some apparent area they’d be cooking on gas.

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