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By Omar Zac Phillips, Jul 27 2019 09:04PM

I am sitting at my desk again and thinking of my future; I have my lovely house in the country a good 9-5 for covering the bills and been married 22 years raised 4 kids, but I am just out here. My house is so much of a doer upper I wouldn’t let anyone in the door. So it can be hard to show the kind of hospitality I am accustomed to showing.

And although I don’t feel lonely I know I am isolated. Coming off the back of my experiences with church some 12 years or so ago now (time flies), I have no inclination to be ‘part of some community’ or anything. But it would be cool to have a couple of mates or folks to hang out with who think in some approximation of the same wave length.

I guess I’m old fashioned, everyone is happy using social media these days, but I guess one or two cats to hang out with can’t be too much to ask.

So my wife and I are considering London. The children being as grown and independent as they are don’t need constant babysitting so it’s something worth considering what we do with our lives going forward.

The need to look after a wonderful aunt who has been in hospital a bit lately has caused my wife to spend prolonged periods down there (and not enough time with me), were seriously considering relocating.

I love London, when I lived there before however my life was really stressed, I’ll give you an excerpt from a book I wrote just after I left church and moved up north. When I wrote that section and realised how crazy my life had been I cried for a bit, I can’t believe I did that to myself an allowed other people to make me think that bull shit was at all okay.

Anyhow it won’t be like that again, and I would welcome the opportunity to seize some of the opportunities London has to offer.

By Omar Zac Phillips, Jul 27 2019 09:01PM

Hello world,

I’m writing again; 2019 is half gone, I’m 41, I am still working on part 2 of the bird series, and that will be with you soon.

I also entered a writing competition and wrote a 4000-word short story about a superhero cat that fights in the supernatural dimension, I won’t hear the results for a while but I’ll put it out once the process is complete.

A lot of other good things have happened, this website with its current design has been launched and I have started a men’s discussion group at work. This year I intend to take a bit of a break from my degree to concentrate on my writing and make a big push. In light of that expect more material from me video’s, social media posts and updates to the blog.

Goodness my youngest child has gone from being a we diddy thing to towering over me and the rest of the family since I last wrote, that stuff is scary.

My oldest two left home although one has also come back, after a temporary overseas jaunt.

My 9-5 for the past year 3 months is more in line with my long term objectives and I no longer have a 45-minute walk to the bus stop which is huge.

I have begun running almost every day and am on a mission. My idea of a man is in progress, and part of it certainly involves losing the excess around my mid rift and adopting some muscles. Again this is me building the dream me, if I in the process I inspire anyone that’s a great bonus. If you want to build a completely different version of a man that’s cool, in fact please do. My message is being authentic to yourself.

To yourself be true and all that good stuff or as in the words of Thor’s mother Frigga; “Everyone fails at who they're supposed to be, Thor. The measure of a person, of a hero, is how well they succeed at being who they are.”


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